Derek Zagami

Always make a statement in life

Derek Zagami

TV Personality, Executive Producer, Content Creator, & Host  

Derek is known for creating untraditional TV with his energetic storytelling. He has been creating content since he was a freshman in high school and has made his mark within the industry. At the young age of 15 Derek started his own YouTube series called The Derek Z Show.


After graduating from high school, Derek decided that moving to New York City would be the next big step in advancing his career. This had always been a dream of his and was never afraid to back down from a challenge. Following his dreams and moving to the big apple not only proved to be a challenge at a young age but also helped Derek create a name for himself in the entertainment industry.


He then branched off and started producing shows for different production companies. Derek’s main goal with developing is to make a difference and create a change. His passion is growing brands with video content. Derek loves producing clips that are relatable. For the past several years Derek has been producing for brands and people worldwide, making his clients celebrities in their fields.

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